Kurzweil Web License Software Install

Installs the software to a PC computer.

Kurzweil 3000 Ver. 13

You will need administrator privileges to install.

  1. Place the Kurzweil DVD into computer
  2. Double click the Setup file
  3. In the Master installation dialog box, select Web Licensing Software
  4. Select install Web licensing Software
  5. Select Next
  6. Select Accept for license agreement
  7. Enter in the user name field Student Services Division, and the Organization field as CSULB
  8. Select Complete for install type
  9. Select Install to start the process
  10. Select Finish
  11. Select restart to complete

Installation is complete; each user is assigned a user name and password. This is validated by the web licensing. You will also need to create a shortcut or favorite for the Firefly web. http://www.fireflybykurzweil.com/

If a user does not have a name and password they must contact the HTC to register for an account. Accounts can only be granted by the HTC. Call 562-985-8712.

Software for installation may be obtained from Student Services Division Technical Support. ( for lab installations request the MSI ) 64 bit installations require a separate installations of the virtual printer and task bar ( see the x64 folder on the install media or download from ftp://ftp.kurzweiledu.com/pub/x64/.