(Also known as: Vmail, @csulb Vmail, Web Phone Manager, CallXpress, Aria)

Information Technology Services provides faculty and staff voice mail services on campus telephones.


•             Telephone User Interface (TUI) - similar to your mobile telephone

•             Web Phone Manager - manage your voice mail online

•             Voice Mail messages in your email inbox (optional)

In order to obtain any campus-provided voice mail service, you must be a current faculty or staff member.

Setting Up Your Mailbox

Before you begin using your new voice mail, you will need to run through a quick and simple setup. You should have been provided with a default password to use for the inital login.  If you don't recall what this password is, you can contact your Administrative Services Manager (ASM) or call the campus Operator (press 0 on your campus phone).

Access @csulb Voice Mail

The following access options are available:

1.            Over the Phone

Continue to manage your voice mail the traditional way, over the telephone

a.            On-Campus: Dial 51234 and enter your telephone security code (for digital and VoIP phones, press the steady or flashing “voice mail” button).

b.            Off-Campus: Dial (562) 985-1234 and enter your telephone number followed by your security code when prompted.

2.            On the Web

Access your voice mail messages, manage your greetings, and adjust personal settings with the Web Phone Manager (WPM) by accessing http://voicemail.csulb.edu

3.            @csulb Email

You can receive a copy of your voice mail messages to your @csulb email account, which can be accessed anywhere you check email, including your mobile phone.

Where to Get Additional Help

•             For assistance resetting your voice mail or Web Phone Manager password, contact the Campus Operator by dialing "0" from on campus or (562) 985-4111 from off campus.

•             Refer to this Knowledge Base article: Setting up and Using Your Voice Mail

•             For service or other general inquiries, contact ITS Telecommunications at 54480 or ITS.TSG@csulb.edu.

Costs and Charges

There is no charge for basic voice mail service.