What is the Faculty Research Experience and Expertise system (FREE)?

FREE is a searchable electronic database that includes research experience and expertise of faculty at CSULB. The purpose of FREE is to foster research collaborations and partnerships:

Other important service details:

How do you access the Faculty Research Experience and Expertise system?

a) To Search

Visit to search the database

Figure 1: FREE system landing page

  1. Perform a search using Keyword Search and/or Last Name, First Name, College/Department (note: these latter fields can be accessed by clicking the + (plus) symbol)

Figure 2: FREE system landing page expanded to expose Last Name, First Name, and College/Department search fields 

     2. If records exist meeting your search results criteria, a list will be displayed. To view a faculty profile, click the "View Research Interests" link.

Figure 3: FREE system search results

Figure 4: Faculty profile page

b) To Edit your Faculty Profile

Visit to edit a profile

 Figure 5: FREE system login page

  1. Log in using your BeachID login credentials:

     2. Once you successfully log in, you will be presented with your faculty profile.

Figure 6: Faculty profile view page

3. If you wish to modify information, click the EDIT link on the top of the page

4. After completing your changes, make sure to click the Update Profile button on the bottom of the page.


Contact for Help

For technical assistance, contact the Technology Help Desk at (562) 985-4959 or See the Technology Help Desk page for location and hours.