Every three years, the security certificate for the campus' WiFi authentication service is renewed. The newer certificate has the same Common Name of "wifi-portal.its.csulb.edu" and issued by "InCommon RSA Server CA" Certificate Authority. The purpose of this document is to describe the changes a user may experience when connecting to campus' WiFi after the certificate is renewed. As of 2017, the current WiFi networks that use this certificate are 'eduroam' and 'beachnet+'.

Windows Users

Windows users need not worry about this certificate renewal. The profile settings described in other ITKB articles ensures a non-impactful experience when connecting to campus WiFi.

Android & Chromebook Users

These devices are not impacted.

Apple iOS Users

Users of these mobile devices will be required to ACCEPT the new certificate when connecting to the campus WiFi network. In iOS, the device initially will not automatically connect to campus WiFi. The user must manually select the WiFi network of choice and then tap the "ACCEPT" button on the screen showing the new certificate details. After the new certificate is accepted, the device will automatically connect to WiFi.

Apple OS X Users

MacBook computers will prompt the user to trust the new certificate upon connecting to campus WiFi. The user must click "CONTINUE" to accept the new certificate. A follow up prompt will ask the user for their computer's local password in order to add the new certificate to the Keychain. Once this task has completed, the WiFi connection is automatically established.