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How to Request a SharePoint Site

Faculty and Staff must first contact their college or department Technology Coordinator to request a SharePoint site.  The Technology Coordinator will collect details about the request and submit a request ticket to DoIT.  The following details are required when requesting a new SharePoint site (link to current KB article).

How to Access a SharePoint Online Site

1. Login to CSULB's SSO: https://sso.csulb.edu

2. Select the Office 365 Employee Apps

3. Click on the SharePoint tile in Office 365

4. If you do not see the site on the SharePoint dashboard, you can search for the site by name using the search bar near the top of the page.

5. Once the site is found, it’s recommended that you click the “follow” button to save the site as a favorite, which will make it easier to find from your sites page.

System Requirements

A reliable internet connection is required to access SharePoint Online sites.  All internet browsers are supported, but Internet Explorer is recommended, as it tends to be the most compatible.  

Training Resources


Faculty and Staff are advised to first contact their immediate college or department Technology Coordinator/team for assistance.  The Technology Help Desk can be contacted as secondary support at helpdesk@csulb.edu or (562) 985-4959. 

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