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What is Single Sign-On?

At CSULB, Single Sign-On (SSO) refers to a log-in utility that allows you to enter your BeachID User Name and Password once and then access certain web applications during an Internet session without having to log in again to each application. Your CSULB SSO web session remains active until you close your Internet browser.

Who can log into the CSULB SSO service?

All BeachID account holders can log into CSULB SSO. After logging in, you'll be able to access SSO-enabled campus computing resources for which you're authorized. 

How do I log in?

Visit https://sso.csulb.edu to log in. Some resources, when they become available via SSO (such as BeachBoard and MyCSULB), may also be logged into directly. After successfully logging into CSULB SSO, you can access your authorized SSO computing resources without having to login again for the duration of your web browser session. NOTE: To access CSULB SSO applications, your web browser(s) need to have pop-ups enabled for https://sso.csulb.edu. For instructions, see the ITKB article, "Configuring Your Web Browser to Enable Pop-up Windows for Trusted CSULB Servers."

How do I log out?

Select the CSULB SSO Sign out button to close your SSO connection, and then close your Internet browser (all browser windows and tabs) to exit all SSO applications accessed during your session. Until you close all windows and tabs of the Internet browser used for your CSULB SSO session, your SSO-enabled resources remain accessible! Just as you would when using the Internet for any sensitive financial or personal information transactions, always end your CSULB SSO session by completely closing your web browser--especially if you're using a publically available computing device.

What are SSO benefits?

•Enter your BeachID Username and Password only once to access many campus computing services
•Use one campus URL (web address) to access participating web-based services

How can my campus organization apply to have our BeachID-authenticated application use CSULB SSO?

If you wish to apply for CSULB SSO authentication for a BeachID-authenticated web application managed by your organization, please open a request to discuss technical requirements and costing by contacting ITS-ServiceManagement@csulb.edu.