ITS monitors campus network traffic on a continuous basis and maintains a policy of quarantining (blocking) computing devices from network access due to security breach(es) or violation(s). To support this policy, ITS maintains the following practices:

Unblock Request Process

Campus technology coordinators/technicians, THD, ITS, may share CSULB Campus Network Blocked Users notes, if available, with employees and students about malware that may be infecting a device and will work toward lifting a device quarantine as below:

  1. THD directs users as follows:
    1. Employees with personally owned devices and students are:
      1. directed to have the device cleaned by a qualified repair technician and b) contact the THD (x54959) to request a quarantine be lifted after the device is cleaned.
      2. Employees with campus owned devices are directed to contact the college or business unit technology coordinator or technician for support.
  2. Technology coordinators/technicians supports users as follows:
    1. Direct students to contact THD
    2. If a quarantined device is personally owned by an employee, then direct the employee to contact THD after the device is clean and request quarantine removal.
    3. Clean a campus-owned device, and then call the THD to request quarantine removal, providing device MAC address and username.


To lift a quarantine from a cleaned device, THD submits a Footprints service ticket with the following information:

    1. Subject line: Quarantine Removal (Unblock Request)
    2. Body of the email should, at minimum, contain the MAC Address and Username


    1. responds to a Footprints ticket and
    2. b) if the device quarantine has been lifted, updates the the CSULB Campus Network Blocked Users list on Sharepoint.

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