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Disclaimer: These instructions serve as a guideline. Depending on your machine settings, results may vary.


  1. Click the airport icon to Turn Wi-Fi On.

Figure 1: Airport icon menu

If this is the first time ever your device is connecting to Beachnet + then continue with Step 2, otherwise, skip to Step 3.

2. Enter your BeachID username and password, check "Remember this network" to automatically connect when you are in the network area and click "Join".

Note: You will need to update your password on your mobile device whenever you update your BeachID password, otherwise your Beachnet+ connection will not work after a password update.

Figure 2: Credentials dialog box

3. Click the Airport icon and select "beachnet+" from the list of available networks. Click "Show Certificate" and confirm that the server name is and the Certificate Issuer is InCommon Server CA.

Figure 3: Verify Certificate dialog box

4. Verify the certificate is being issued from "InCommon Server CA" and is connecting to and click "Continue".

Figure 4: Verify Certificate dialog box

5. Enter your BeachID password and click Update Settings.

Figure 5: Administrator credential dialog box

6. You are now connected to the beachnet+ wireless network. You can confirm connection by clicking on the Airport icon to verify a check mark next to the beachnet+ network in the list.

Figure 6: Airport icon menu

7. If Beachnet+ is your preferred wireless connection while on campus and would like to remove or reorder the Beachnet wireless connection in your profile, follow these steps:

    1. Go to the Airport menu > Open Network Preferences > Advanced settings.
    2. Click "beachnet" in the list of preferred networks and click the  (Figure 7: Remove Wi-Fi network button) or drag and drop the networks into a preferred order.