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NOTE: To connect to BeachNet+, you must have a valid nine digit CampusID along with your BeachID password. If you have not activated your BeachID password, visit Also note that you will need to update your password on your mobile device whenever you update your BeachID password.

The following instructions describe how to connect a Mac OS X computer to BeachNet+.

1. Click the Airport icon in the upper-right of your screen to display available networks. Make sure AirPort is On, then select Open Network Preferences.

Figure 1: Network preferences

2. The network preferences window opens. Click the Advanced button.

Figure 2: Advanced button

3. The AirPort window opens. Select the 802.1X tab. Then, click the + symbol (the "add" symbol) in the lower-left portion of the window, and select Add User Profile.

Figure 3: Add user profile

4. A User Profiles field displays with Untitled entered. Replace Untitled by typing in beachnet+.

Figure 4: Name your profile

5. In the Authentication section, make sure PEAP is the only protocol selected. Select beachnet+ from the Wireless Network drop-down menu. Verify that WPA2 Enterprise is selected from the Security Type field. Then, click OK.

Figure 5: Select authentication method

6. Click Apply, then click Connect

Figure 6: Apply changes, and connect

7. Authenticate (sign in) to the beachnet+ network. Enter your nine-digit Campus ID in the name field and your BeachID password in the password field. Click OK.

Note: You will need to update your password on your mobile device whenever you update your BeachID password, otherwise your BeachNet+ connection will not work after a password update.

Figure 7: Authentication dialog

8. Verify the certificate by clicking Show Certificate.

Figure 8:Verify certificate

9. The Verify Certificate dialog box expands. Check that the detail section indicates the certificate is issued by InCommon CA or AddTrust CA. Click Continue.

Figure 9: Verify certificate

10. Enter the computer name and password you use to sign into your Mac computer, and then click OK. (Completing this step adds the certificate to your Mac OS keychain, which consolidates various passwords and passphrases in one place in your Mac and makes
them accessible through a master password or passphrase.)

Figure 10: Keychain authentication

11. Verify that you're connected to beachnet+ by checking that the Status field displays Connected with an IP address beginning with 10.49 or 10.39, and that Connect Time displays a running time.

Figure 11: Verify connectivuty

12. Close the Network window. You are now connected to the beachnet+ wireless network.