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The following instructions describe how to connect an Apple mobile device to BeachNet+ and make BeachNet+ the device's default wireless network. The settings described in these instructions are generally applicable and may vary slightly across Apple devices and versions.

1. Open Settings.

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Figure  Figure 1: IPhone settings

2. Select Wi-Fi.

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Figure  Figure 2: Main settings dialog

3. On the Wi-Fi Networks screen, select Beachnet+ in the *Choose a Network…*section.

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Figure  Figure 3: Wifi networks

4. Enter your nine-digit Campus ID and your BeachID password, and then tap Join.
Note: You will need to update your password on your mobile device whenever you update your BeachID password.

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Figure  Figure 4: Enter password information

5. If you're prompted to accept a security certificate, tap Accept. Tap Trust.  You can tap More Details to view additional information.

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Figure  Figure 5: Accept certificate

6. The Details screen displays. Confirm that the certificate is signed by either InCommon CA or AddTrust CA. Then tap Certificate to return to the Certificate screen, and click Accept.

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Figure 6: Details screen

Make BeachNet+ the default SSID (wireless network) for Your Apple Mobile Device

1. Select Wi-Fi on the Settings screen. On the Wi-Fi screen that opens, tap the blue arrow next to the name of the network you were using before setting up your BeachNet+ connection.

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Figure  Figure 7: Wifi Network settings

2. Tap the Forget this Network button.

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Figure 8: Forget this network