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SSO enables customers to enter their user name and password (BeachID credentials) at a single location ( and access multiple services without having to log in again. SSO service attributes include a single entry point (login process), a dynamic and/or static service list of participating applications, and logout processes.

After logging into the SSO environment with a browser that's enabled for pop-ups, the customer accesses participating services by clicking an application bookmark or chicklet. The selected application is then presented in a new tab within the current browser or a new browser window, depending on the user's browser configuration, and will not require the user to log in again to the participating SSO service. The SSO environment will work with standard browser types and versions (for example, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc.); however, SSO-browser compatibility does not supersede requirements for using specific browser types and versions with an ASP service.


ServiceBookmark/ChickletService DescriptionService OwnerWho will see the ChickletQuestions or Support
Ad Astra Enrollment ServicesFaculty, Staff562.985.5471
BeachBoard Academic Technology ServicesFaculty, Staff, Students562.985.4959
BeachSync Division of Student AffairsFaculty, Staff, Students 
Cayuse  Office of Sponsored ProgramsSelected Users 
CFS PeopleSoft  Financial ManagementCFS Users 
CFS Data Warehouse Financial ManagementCFS Users 
CFS Information Financial ManagementCFS Users 
CS Link Information Technology ServicesCMS HRSA Users 
EAB  Enrollment ServicesSelected Users562.985.5471
HRSA Enrollment Services/ Human ResourcesCMS HRSA 
Lynda Academic Technology ServicesFaculty, Staff, Students562.985.5471
MyCSULB Information Technology ServicesFaculty, Staff (excluding Auxiliaries), Students562.985.4959
SkillSoft Training Staff Human ResourcesFaculty, Staff 
Staples PurchasingSelected Users 
Symplicity Staff Enrollment ServicesSelected Users562.985.5471
Symplicity Student Enrollment ServicesSelected Users562.985.5471