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There are five basic principles to think about when creating an accessible




1. Structure

  • Use "Styles" to format headers and main content (in Outlook found under the "Format Text" tab).
  • Use numbered lists when there are lists of items.

2. Font Selection

  • Select basic fonts (Calibri, Times New Roman, Arial or Helvetica).
  • Ensure sufficient contrast between the text and background.
  • Avoid small font sizes (11 or larger).

3. Color and Meaning

If using color to convey meaning, be sure to include another visual difference (symbol, etc).

4. Images

  • Include "Alt-Text" in all images.
  • To add "Alt-Text" in Outlook 2013, right click on the image, click "Format Picture", click the "Layout and Properties button and include a description of the image in the "Description" field.

5. Tables

Use tables for data as opposed to page layout.