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  1. Hardware, servers and storage devices
    1. Changes in vendor hardware requirements must be reviewed by the customer and provided to ITS as soon as possible. ITS will provide an internal review of such requests and will respond in a timely manner.
    2. Changes to hardware, server, and storage requirements will be reviewed to ensure resource availability. Additional resource requirements may require additional costs.
  2. Applications
    1. The customer will provide copies of software licenses as reference material for ITS.
    2. Updates and/or modification to application software will follow the ITS Service Request Process (Appendix C) to ensure requirements and instruction are effectively communicated to ITS.
    3. The customer will conduct all application testing in development environments and will provide ITS with written confirmation of acceptance through the ITS Service Request Process (Appendix C) before move to production takes place.
    4. The customer is responsible for application support, administration, and related tasks. This responsibility includes all software licensing charges (as appropriate), software vendor contracts, technical support, and software updates as appropriate.
    5. The customer is responsible for application configuration, typically performed via administration screens. ITS will ensure that adequate access is granted for authorized the customer the authorized customer staff to perform their tasks.
    6. The customer is responsible for application development and troubleshooting.
    7. The customer is responsible for vendor contact for all aspects of application functionality, releases, and debugging. Application issues relating to the OS and virtual environment will be coordinated with ITS.
    8. The customer will provide documentation about application dependencies. The purpose of providing dependency documentation is to address any startup or shutdown sequencing that may need to be done, to ensure application data is not compromised.
    9. The customer will maintain the appropriate level of application security required for end users to access their data.
  3. Operating systems
    1. Customer is responsible for testing the applications in development and identifying issues in a timely manner.
    2. Copies of any licenses associated with the OS should be provided to ITS for reference purposes.