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CSULB's eSignature (DocuSign) service is considered a privileged access system. Privileged administrative access requires approval from Information Technology Services management and the requestor's management. In addition, requestors must acknowledge roles and responsibilities therein.

The following Privileged Access form will expedite the approval process. After proceeding to the link, you will begin a DocuSign PowerForm. You, as the requestor of the elevated DocuSign access will need to provide the following:

  • Requestor: as the requestor of a particular privileged access service (i.e., DocuSign), enter your full name and campus email address.
  • Appropriate Administrator: the requestor is to enter the full name and campus email address of their approving administrator (i.e., ASM, director).

Note: Division Approval is predefined, so no action is required on your part.

 Figure 1: screenshot of the DocuSign PowerForm Signer Information setup

After clicking on "Begin Signing," you will proceed to select your privileged access system ("6. eSignature") and begin signing the form and acknowledging your roles and responsibilities. 

The contact you entered in the Appropriate Administrator section will then receive your request and review/approve it.

Figure 2: sample screenshot of the form in DocuSign.

Begin signing your Privileged Access form.

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