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Updates Made to All Reports
Updates Made to Specific Reports
RSUM Reports
User Detail Statement (LBTLRUDS01/02)
Telecom Report Guide
Communication Summary Reports):
Management Expense Reports LBTLRUES01
Management Expense Files LBTLFUES01
Detail & Mobile Statement LBTLRUDS01 and LBTLRUDS02
Annual Directory Confirmation LBTLRDDC01
Cost Center Owner Update LBTLRCCO01
Downloading Reports


Telecom reports are distributed monthly and include information on campus phone lines. Information is presented in a variety of formats, each in a different report. Effective July 2014, the current set of reports will be replaced with an updated, streamlined format for easier understanding and reduction of paper.

Updates Made to All Reports

All reports will include cleaner headings displaying the report ID and description. Other general improvements to all reports include:

  • "MAC" charges will be listed as "Work Order," and "Cellular" charges will be listed as "Mobile."
  • Text for requesting an ADA/alternative format has been added in all report footers.
  • Reports that will no longer be distributed include the LBTLRUCS01, LBTLFUCS01, LBTLRUMS05 and LBTLRWOD01.

The following sections of this document include updates made to specific reports.

Updates Made to Specific Reports

RSUM Reports

Improved RSUM reports will:

  • follow the same naming convention as all other reports. Example: The RSUM0001 will now be titled LBTLRSUM01.
  • include user-friendly charge categories in the equipment section. Example: "12-Button Sets will be now be called "Digital Phone-Standard."
  • include a new report at the "Main Department" level (such as D1_010_010). It will be called the LBTLRSUM03, and the old RSUM0003 and 0004 titles will be updated LBTLRSUM04 and 05 to keep in line with departmental hierarchy.
  • no longer include a section for general fund line access credit in reports for non-general fund accounts.

Also, the LBTLRSUM05 (Summary by Account) will include new information in the charge detail section.  Work order charge records will include a WO number, department internal request number and a contact name. Mobile data will now include a user name tied to each device.

User Detail Statement (LBTLRUDS01/02)

Several changes have been made to the user detail statement. These include:

  • A detail statement is now created for each user instead of each extension.  This means one user may receive a statement showing call charges for several extensions to which they are assigned. A field has been added to show from which extension each call was made.

NOTE:  A user may continue to receive multiple statements depending on TelMaster assignments.

  • User's extension and location in the report header displays a lead or published extension, not necessarily the extension that made the call.
  • Call type sections are "Local," "Toll" and "Mobile."
  • Two versions of the monthly Detail Statement will be available:
  • The RUDS01 will be distributed to cost center owners via CSLink and will contain statements for all users with call charges, regardless of employee ID.  Users' employee IDs will NOT be displayed on this report.
  • The RUDS02 will be distributed directly to users via email based on employee ID.  Detail statements will be distributed regardless of call charges.
  • A paper detail statement will no longer be distributed as of October 2014.


  • Analog phone equipment charges will be lowered to $21.
  • Digital phones/equipment will be broken into 3 charge levels (some charges will be lowered).
    • Standard digitals - $34
    • Legacy digitals - $31
    • Digital (Ex: DB212) - $28

PLEASE NOTE: Moving forward, legacy phones will no longer be deployed.  Legacy phone types include: DB212, D4223, D12, and D1D213.h2. Telecom Report Guide
The following Telecom Reports & File Descriptions are effective as of July 2014.

Report Name


Communication Summary Reports): LBTLRSUM01, LBTLRSUM02, LBTLRSUM03, LBTLRSUM04, and LBTLRSUM05

  • Summary telephone reports that are geared to managers.
  • These reports are sorted at the division, college/area, main department, department ID, and fund levels.
  • These reports will be distributed electronically via CSLink on a monthly basis to "cost center owners" which includes managers or staff members responsible for monitoring expense.
  • These report names used to end in 0001 through 0005, but now end 01 through 05.
  • The LBTLRSUM05 also contains work order charges and the separate work order report has been discontinued.

Management Expense Reports LBTLRUES01

User Expense Summary contains the following charge types: basic service, line access, mobile, work order, local calls, toll calls, and personal reimbursement.

  • Sorted by DeptID and Fund, and then by last name
  • Contains monetary amounts without quantities (eg: call durations)
  • Contains line access credit to match feed to General Ledger

Management Expense Files LBTLFUES01

User Expense Summary contains data in comma-separated values (CSV) format. Contains the following charge types: basic service, line access, mobile, work order, local calls, toll calls, and personal reimbursement for import into Excel or Access for year to date trending or other specific processes. Data is the same as the corresponding management report (LBTLRUES01).

  • Dept ID and Tree Node (cost centers) are on every line to facilitate electronic distribution
  • Contains monetary amounts without quantities (eg: call durations)
  • Does not reflect line access credit when it is applicable

Detail & Mobile Statement LBTLRUDS01 and LBTLRUDS02

  • Replaces the legacy extension detail statement report.
  • No longer identifies recurring monthly charges, work order charges, or mobile charges.
  • Reflects all outbound calls from campus carrying a charge of $.01 or more.
  • Reflects any personal reimbursement made (per SAM rules).
  • Does not reflect extension to extension or inbound calls.
  • Reflects all calls from a mobile telephone owned by the University.
  • LBTLRUDS01 detail report published to CSLink contains all extensions assigned to chart fields (when there are charges).
  • LBTLRUDS02 detail report distributed through email only for telecom records containing a campus ID (regardless of charges).

Annual Directory Confirmation LBTLRDDC01

  • Listings of all published and non-published numbers on and off-campus.
  • Posted to CSLink in early September and mid-November for retrieval and updating.
  • Maintains accuracy of directory lookup, extensions in the GAL, and other databases such as 911.
  • Contains no cost information, but can help to understand where charges may be incurred.
  • Can be edited in Adobe Acrobat Pro and emailed back to Telecom.

Cost Center Owner Update LBTLRCCO01

  • Posted to CSLink on the 20th of the month for retrieval and updating.
  • "Owners" may be responsible for expenses at the Dept ID level or for a tree node such as main department, college/area, or division.
  • Any Cost Center Owner may request a change and it will be accepted as long as it was copied to the appropriate ASM.
  • Changes can only be made in advance of a statementing cycle and must be received by the 28th of each month.

Downloading Reports

New distribution groups have been created for auxiliaries as well as each level of the hierarchy, so cost center owners will now only receive reports which they have access to view.  For example, department level CCOs will no longer receive a division level summary showing "No Data."
To download the reports mentioned in this guide, visit CSLink at and click the View Reports tab.

User name is CAMPUS-DOMAIN\employee ID and password is your BeachID password.
NOTE: If you are currently logging in with a local account (no CAMPUS-DOMAIN in the user name), you can continue to do so.

To view or download reports, click the 'View Reports' link. Find the report you want to view and click the link in the 'Format' column.
NOTE: You do not need to go to 'Run Reports.' Telecom runs the reports and distributes them to cost center owners.

To delete a report, click the 'Delete' link on the right side of the screen. To delete multiple reports, use the checkboxes on the left side and click the delete button at the bottom.
NOTE: This will only remove the report from your "View Reports" page. Reports will still be available in archives.

To access archived reports, click the report ID in the Report column.

To open or download a report, click the link in the Format column.

To access archived reports that have been deleted from the 'View Reports' screen, click the 'Online Query' link and click 'ARCHRPTS – Retrieve Archived Reports.'

Enter the report ID and the date range, then click the Submit button.

The report will appear.


For assistance or questions about Telecom CSLink reports, please contact email@csulb.eduor 562.985.4480 (ext. 54480). Additional information can be found by visiting the CSULB IT Knowledgebase at