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If several users are sharing a campus phone, a shared mailbox may be created and assigned multiple voice mailboxes to a phone extension so that each user is able to access and manage their own messages.

How it works

When a caller reaches voice mail for an extension with a shared mailbox, they will hear a prompt saying "For user A press 1, for user B press 2," etc. After the caller selects from the menu, they will be able to leave a message for the user they have chosen.

Once a shared mailbox receives a new message, the phone's message waiting light will turn on (or for analog lines, users will hear broken dial tone). When a user dials into voice mail to check their messages, a prompt will say "There is a message for user A. Please enter your mailbox number." Once the user logs in, they will have access to only their own messages. Note: The phone's message waiting light will stay on as long as any of the shared mailboxes for that extension have unread messages.

Requesting a Shared Mailbox

To request a shared mailbox for an extension, go to the Telecom Request Management System (TRM) at and submit a "change existing service" work order. Include the phone extension and the full names of all users that share the line. If there is a preference, also indicate which user should be assigned the "primary" number, which is described in #1 below. ITS will notify the requestor when the shared mailbox is ready for use.


There are no one-time or recurring charges for requesting a shared mailbox.

Other Details about this Service

  1. Although we use the term shared mailbox, it is actually multiple separate mailboxes which can be accessed through one phone extension. There will be one "primary" mailbox and one or more "secondary" mailboxes. For example, if extension 55555 has a shared mailbox for 3 users, their mailbox numbers would be something like 55555, 72001, and 72002. Note: although 55555 is considered the primary mailbox, there is no difference in functionality from the secondary mailboxes.
  2. To log into a shared mailbox, users will always have to enter both their mailbox number and security code, even if they are assigned the primary mailbox.
  3. If users ever need to request a password reset from the campus operators, they need to be sure to give their mailbox number, not their extension. For example, if the user with mailbox 72001 calls the operator and asks for a reset for extension 55555 instead of their actual mailbox, they could reset the wrong person's mailbox. Campus Operators can be contacted by dialing "0" from on campus or 562-985-4111 from off campus.
  4. The shared mailbox setup will only work if all users have their names and personal greetings recorded.
  5. If there is any confusion with the message waiting light, users can always enable unified messaging which will forward their voice messages to any email address. To do that, go to and log in with your mailbox number and password. From there, click "Notification Settings" and then click the E-Mail tab. Enter your email address and check the "Enable Simple UM Notification" and "Include WAV Attachment" boxes to receive your voice messages as an attached audio file through campus email. You may also reference the article below.


For service or other general inquiries, contact ITS Telecommunications at 54480 or

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