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In order to view and add additional mailboxes in your account, other than your own, the Mail Administrator of the mailbox you are trying to view must add your account with permissions to that mailbox. Once the permissions are added, you can add the additional mailbox to your Outlook profile. This document is a step by step tutorial that details how to add an additional mailbox in Outlook 2011.


  1. Open Account Settings
  2. Add a Delegate
  3. Finish

Open Account Settings
With Outlook 2011 open, click on the Tools menu at the top of the screen, then choose Accounts.  Highlight your Exchange account and click Advanced.

Image 1: Tool menu

Image 2: Advanced dialog box

Add a Delegate
Go to the Delegates tab and click the plus (plus) sign under "People I am a delegate for:"  In the window that appears, search for the individual you are trying to add as a delegate.  Once you have found their account, highlight their name and click OK.

Image 3: Delegates tab

Image 4: Select people

Image 5: Click Ok

Close the "Accounts" window.  All the individuals you added should now be delegates for your account.  They will need to setup their email application to access your account before they can see any of your emails.