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The following instructions show how to add and remove members to an Exchange Distribution Group from within Outlook on the web (aka OWA).  For similar instructions for doing this on a desktop Outlook email client, see Distribution Group Member Management on an Outlook Client.

The following paths are followed:  Settings > Mail > Options > General > Distribution Groups

Step 1

Select the Settings icon, then Mail under Your app settings. 


Figure 1: screenshot of settings options in Outlook on the web

Step 2

On the left-hand side, expand the General section and select Distribution Groups.

Figure 2: screenshot of Distribution Groups

Step 3

Distribution Groups I own shows each distribution group you have manager rights to.  You can double-click your desired group to edit or also type in a search request.

Step 4

Select Membership.  All current members of this group will be displayed. Click the + (plus) sign to Add members You will be taken to a Directory to search for names to add.  To Remove members, select the name(s) and then select the - (minus) sign.  Be sure to Save your changes for them to take effect.

Figure 3: screenshot of distribution group membership


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