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The following information provides instructions for enrolling in 2 Step Verification with Duo from Single Sign-On (SSO).  This is a one-time, voluntary procedure that enables campus users to create a higher level of security with campus email. After completion of this process, logging into campus email will involve a subsequent security verification process using a mobile device. 


Before beginning this enrollment process, Division of Information Technology (DoIT) must be notified that you wish to enable this 2 Step Email Verification with Duo.


  1. On mobile device, Install Duo Mobile application from App Store/Google Play by searching for Duo Mobile.  Be sure to tap "OK" if asked if Duo Mobile should be able to send push notifications. 

Figure 1:  Duo from App store or Google Play

2. On a separate device such as a laptop or desktop computer, sign into using any web browser.

Figure 2: login page

3. After logging in, click on Outlook.

 Figure 3: List of available applications (results vary)

4. Enroll in Duo by clicking on "Start setup."

Figure 4: Duo Security Setup Wizard

5. Select Mobile Phone and click Continue.

 Figure 5: Duo Security option list of devices to use 

6. Enter Phone number of mobile phone.

Figure 6: Phone number input box

7. Click on the check box to confirm that it's the correct phone number and click Continue.

Figure 7: Phone number input box and check box to confirm phone number

8. Select type of phone, if not sure, click on Other and then click Continue.

Figure 8: Selection of device type

9. If Step 1 was completed earlier, then click on "I have Duo Mobile," otherwise download the Duo Mobile app from the App Store/Google Play Store.

Figure 9: prompt to install Duo Mobile App

Figure 10: Duo Mobile App install confirmation

10. Open the Duo mobile app on your phone, and click "+" sign and scan the barcode on the laptop/desktop screen.  Note: you must have a bar code / QR code scanner app on your phone to perform this step.

Figure 11: Duo Mobile app prompt to add enrollment barcode

11. Once completed, a green check box should appear on the screen.

Figure 12: Duo Mobile confirmation of barcode

12. Click Continue.

Figure 13: Duo Mobile confirmation and prompt to continue

13. Click on the drop down box under "When I log in:"

 Figure 14. Duo Mobile selection to choose when to prompt for Duo Mobile

14. Select "Automatically send this device a Duo Push"

 Figure 15. Duo Mobile selection of "Automatically send this device a Duo request" and prompt to continue to Login

15. Click Send me a push

 Figure 16: Duo Mobile prompt to select 2nd factor – Select Send Me a push

16. Once successfully completed it will allow login to application.

Figure 17: Duo Mobile Pushing request to device confirmation of successful login

Figure 18: Duo Mobile confirmation of successful login

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