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California State University, Long Beach does not accept third number billed calls (calls made from one number to another and billed to a third number) or collect call charges (calls made from off-campus to a campus telephone accepting the charges). All such calls will be charged to the originating caller or the called party. Please do not request or accept any offers for prizes or services that may assess your campus telephone number with charges by Verizon, AT&T, various websites, or any other vendor.

These types of offers are often available over the telephone or on the internet, and create additional, unnecessary workload to the Telecommunications staff to research and remove charges from the campus bill. Any charges such as these are usually forwarded to the department incurring the charge, and are subject to an administrative handling fee. If a website form or other vendor requires a telephone number, it is best to use a personal mobile number or home number.

Accepting collect calls, or calls billed to a University number, is not permissible. If a collect call is accepted or a third number is called and billed to the University, a special handling fee may be added to the cost of each call.

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