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Directory Confirmation reports are distributed to campus departments electronically once in late summer and again in early fall.
There are three methods to request a directory listing update:

  1. Use the Telecom Request Management system (TRM) for very basic directory updates
  2. Electronically annotate the report in AcrobatPro

Things to Consider:

  • If there are no changes, email and enter "NO CHANGES TO DIRECTORY" in the subject line and enter the departments listed in the PDF file.
  • Report any INACCURACIES or MISSING INFORMATION by using any one of the methods below.
  • The TITLE can be no more than 40 CHARACTERS including spaces. 
  • Only @CSULB.EDU email addresses are supported, and they can be no more than 40 CHARACTERS including spaces.
  • Verify that individual names are listed under the appropriate department and include employeeID numbers. 
  • Update according to the information you expect to see in the final update report and downloadable directory.
  • Actual Number is the primary number and is published in campus directories such as downloadable directory sections in PDF format.
  • An alternate number may be requested if the Actual (primary) number should be unpublished.
  • Changes made with this request will be visible on the next report.

Update Methods:

1. Use the Telecom Request Management System (TRM)

Visit the TRM to submit your directory listing updates and corrections.  This is advised only if you need to make a very basic directory update.

2. Electronically Annotate the PDF Report

Email your electronically edited PDF to OR print and mail to ITS/Telecommunications BH-188, mail stop 0101, Attention Theresa McCrimmon.

To make annotations in AcrobatPro, from the tool panel select the Comment tool panel, expand the Drawing Markups panel and select the Text Box Tool. Click and drag your cursor to draw a text box and enter your instructions for updates.

Figure 1: AcrobatPro XI tool panel

3. Manually Annotate the PDF Report

  • Print the report page(s).
  • Edit manually on paper using RED ink.
  • Have it signed by your ASM.
  • Print and mail color copies to ITS/Telecommunications BH-188, mail stop 0101, Attention Theresa McCrimmon; or scan in color and email to

Departmental Responsibility

The confirmation report will be posted to CSLink and accessible to all who have access to monthly Telecom billing reports. It will be at each department's discretion to assign employees to make the updates. Although directory information from the email system is a shared resource, we still need your participation to keep directory records from the voice/telephone side up to date because they are tied to extensions, room numbers, dept IDs, and whether or not it is a publishable extension number. Your input is an integral part of the process.

Enhanced Extension Information

In previous years, only published numbers were listed in this report. Now with the sustainability of electronic distribution, it is feasible to include every telephone record in every department, so it is unlikely you will need to include an extra page for new employees. Even if several employees are sharing one extension, a text box can be made as large as necessary and moved as needed.

Unneeded Extensions

If you find extensions that are no longer needed, simply submit a work order through the TRM to delete the extension.


If you have any questions after reading the instructions above, please contact or at 58346.