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To add an RSS Feed to Outlook go to File > Account Settings > Account Settings

Figure 1: Account settings

Choose the RSS Feeds Tab. Click the New button.

Figure 2: Account settings dialog

Enter the URL for the RSS feed.

Figure 3: RSS Feed URL

Type or paste the URL of the RSS feed. Click the Add button.
For this example we will subscribe to the Google News Nation RSS feed. The RSS feeds URL is

Figure 4: RSS Feed Details

For this example the default settings will function properly. Some feeds may require addition adjustments.
Click OK, your RSS feed is now ready to use within Outlook.

Viewing RSS Feeds

In order to view your RSS feed subscriptions within Outlook go to your Folder List and choose RSS Feeds

Figure 5: RSS Feeds folder in navigation pane

Select the RSS feed you wish to view.

Figure 6: RSS feed view

The Google News feed will now be accessible via Outlook.